User Experience Design A Strategy For Competitive Advantage

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== Author ==
== Author ==

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David Sward (Intel Corporation, Arizona State University Polytechnic, Innovation Value Institute: National University Ireland Maynooth)


This paper urges the User Centered Design (UCD) community to broaden its perspective in order to deliver the user experiences demanded by consumers today. The challenge is for UCD to partner with other business disciples; pool organizational resources; and drive a user-centric approach throughout the organization, to the extent that it becomes embedded in the business strategy and develops the basis for everything the company does. This paper presents a set of interrelated strategies to assist in delivering a sustainable competitive advantage through compelling user experiences; these include linking IT to the bottom line; implementing a User Experience Design (UXD) Program; and managing the UXD capability.


user experience design, user-centered design, business value, competitive advantage, marketing.



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