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14th Americas Conference on Information Systems, August 9-12, 2007, Keystone, Colorado, USA


This Mini-Track addresses an issue that has been skirted both by the ACM Computer-Human Interaction Community and the AIS-Human-Computer Interaction Community, that is, what value do efforts in human-computer interaction provide to the overall corporation, and what competitive advantage might the skills and activities performed by HCI personnel give to business operations? The Mini-Track is therefore looking for papers that address this larger issue not just in terms of a return on investment that might be achieved in various focused areas of HCI, e.g., web site development that brings repeat business, but also in areas such as the redefinition of business processes, the suggestion of new markets, the creation of new products and services and the influence of HCI on corporate strategies. Furthermore, information is needed on what are the critical success factors for the management of HCI functions within organizations.

Our belief is that HCI does make a large difference, but that this type of research needs to be done to bring this importance to the highest decision makers who financially support HCI.

Possible Topics

Possible Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Return on Investment for employing usability evaluation
  • Cost-benefit tradeoffs in using human-computer-interaction techniques
  • Case studies of the strategic use of HCI
  • Case studies on and success factors for managing the HCI function in organizations
  • Empirical studies of business process change introduced and enabled by HCI
  • HCI-related business models
  • Recognition of emerging markets in new technologies and services based on HCI investigations

Value of HCI 2007

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